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Moped loan

Loaning a moped from us can help save you money. We cover the cost of:

road tax, insurance, breakdown assistance, services and maintenance.

We also provide you with a helmet and hi-vis vest and a chain for the moped.

All you need to do is pay for your petrol and weekly payments to W2W.

We provide Honda Vision, Sym Jet and Piaggio Liberty mopeds between 50cc and 125cc. The weekly payment is between £40 and £50 a week depending on the option you choose.

How Moped Loan Works:

Check you are eligible to apply and then complete the online application form:

  • We receive your online application form and send you a contract letter for signing. 
  • YOU  read, sign and return your application pack with a copy of your driver's licence and proof of employment (this can be a copy of your most recent payslip, contract or a letter from your employer);
  • WE process it and check your licence with the DVLA.  If everything's ok we'll tell you you are good to go! 
  • YOU pay your initial payment, this is the first month's payment;
  • WE give you vouchers to take your CBT training for FREE!
  • YOU book your training – Don’t forget to give us a week’s notice MINIMUM so we can deliver your equipment and go through the contract with you;
  • YOU will need to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code before your training;
  • WE do lots of behind the scenes work, so that you can have the moped you will be loaning from us at your CBT training;
  • YOU pass your CBTtraining with an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ mark for everything and…
  • …ride off home ready to start work, beginning your 6 month loan from that day.
  • YOU need to send us a photo of your CBT certificate once you have it


Can I apply?

If you’re over 16 and live in Derbyshire then almost certainly! Find out more

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